In this article, we will be comparing LGD 4033 vs MK-2866 (Ostarine). Both are extremely popular and have their own set of qualities. Before we start comparing these two, let’s have a look at them individually.

Why Ostarine?

MK-2866, also known as ostarine or Enobosarm is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It binds directly to the androgen receptors in the body, which will cause increased protein synthesis. The great thing about Ostarine is that is very mild in comparison to other SARMs. Because it was designed to treat muscle wasting diseases, it has great potential to build and preserve muscle mass. A lot of users report that MK-2866 is great for a first cycle, to give an idea what SARMs are capable of. Ostarine does not carry any nasty side effects, however, the long-term side effects are still unknown. It will help you maintain muscle mass and perhaps even increase it during a caloric deficit. Of course, you can also choose to use it as a bulking compound. However, the majority of the anecdotal experiences choose Ligandrol over Ostarine when it comes down to increasing muscle mass.

LGD VS Ostarine

Why LGD-4033?

Now, let’s move on to LGD-4033. You might also know this compound as Ligandrol. LGD-4033 is also a selective androgen receptor modulator. Just as ostarine, it also directly binds to the androgen receptors in the body. Ligandrol is absolutely great if you want to add lean muscle mass. Besides that, it will also make you stronger every week. Most users report that they are extremely satisfied with the results that they made with LGD-4033. It shines when you are in a caloric surplus and is better in comparison to Ostarine when you are looking to get big. It is worth mentioning that ligandrol might suppress natural testosterone levels more than Ostarine. Make sure to keep in mind that side effects and results can vary by person. These compounds are for research purposes only, they have not been approved for human use. Long-term side effects are unknown. Make sure your diet and workout routine are in check to optimize results.

LGD VS Ostarine, which one is better?

So now we have talked about both compounds you are probably wondering which one is better. Well, it all comes down to your goals. LGD-4033 is very popular because it is often used as a lean bulker. As previously mentioned LGD-4033 is a bit more suppressive than MK-2866, so you have to decide whether that is something you want to be dealing with. It is definitely worth considering to use LGD-4033 for your research because it has great muscle-building abilities. Ostarine really shines during a caloric deficit because of its ability to prevent muscle loss. When cutting, you are definitely going to lose some muscle whether you like it or not. But when using MK-2866 for your experiment that is going to be close to zero. It also keeps you tight and helps greatly with maintaining strength. Hence why Ostarine often gets recommended during a cutting period.

To sum things up, both compounds are great and will give you excellent results. The majority of users report that for bulking, LGD-4033 is the way to go. It blows ostarine out of the water when it comes down to lean muscle and strength gains. But that definitely does not mean that MK-2866 is a waste. Users report that Ostarine is king for cutting, the fact that it helps you maintain muscle and strength is amazing.

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